Architectural Glass Design Trends
Architectural Glass Design Trends
May 09, 2019

Glass has come a long way from the luxury item it once was deemed as during the Dark Ages. Today, we encounter glass in our everyday. Maybe – your mornings begin by waking up and looking outside your window to see what the weather is like, or you first check yourself out in the morning by looking at the mirror over your sink before brushing your teeth. Either way – there’s really no denying the ubiquity of glass.

With continued innovations in architectural technologies, we’ve been able to enhance building materials like glass to meet new architectural heights. Looking up, while in the center of a large urban center will likely resemble towering glass skyscrapers obstructing your view of the sky. From buildings, to windows, to mirrors, and much more – the ways in which we manipulate glass for decorative purposes like custom glass etching and sandblasting, are seemingly endless. While glass is used for a diverse range of applications, it is apparent that some methods are more popular than others.


Today we’ll discuss three current architectural glass trends.


Stained Glass


Stained glass has been a decorative glass trend for over a thousand years, and is known as one of the oldest crafts in human existence. Typically found in places of Christian worship like churches and cathedrals, stained glass is becoming popular among contemporary designers and architects alike. Sometimes used in tandem with custom glass etching, stained glass can be found in trendy new restaurants and bars, window treatments, and wall hangings as a traditional twist in contemporary spaces.


Sliding Glass Walls


When we think of walls we think separation or privacy. But what if the walls are completely transparent? Considered to be modern and chic, sliding glass walls span from floor to ceiling and are completely transparent. Sliding glass walls are a popular architectural glass trend due to everyone’s current obsession with creating open-concept spaces. Glass walls extend your sightlines into the next reason, despite actively acting as a partition between two spaces.


Smoked Glass


If you’re now down with transparent sliding glass walls, consider opting for smoked glass walls instead. First gaining popular in the late 60s, smoked glass gave an aura of mystery in its play with opacity. Smoked glass allows you to see the outlines of figures and shadows, but nothing more – allowing for a degree of privacy while still maintaining some transparency.


Blast Design Will Bring Your Glass Design Project to Life


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